Who is V. Cole Knighton?

A soon-to-graduate student, Vera is preparing to leave the monochromatic walls behind for the blank canvas that is her life. There are a number of things she associates herself with. These happen to be the colors that will be delicately painted, lovingly shaded, and spontaneously splashed on her life’s canvas.

She owns one fat Siamese-esque domestic shorthair cat, one male slate-colored dog, two chickens (one lavender ameraucana and one salmon faverolle), three tiny goats, and one quick to laugh fiancé named Oliver.

Vera is a candy lover and finds heaven in Mounds, Almond Joy, Reese’s Cups, dark chocolate, and 3 Musketeers.

What is… Journal of V. Cole Knighton?

This page is composed of completely random entries of Vera’s day to share with her readers. Always a friendly face, she wishes to connect with her fans by letting them see inside her life.

How do I contact V. Cole Knighton?

There are many sites Vera frequents. Connect with her on Figment as V. Cole Knighton and Vee, tumblr as V. Cole Knighton, and Facebook as V. Cole Knighton.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow darling, the way your words swish like a paint brush (I wanted to get in on that canvas metaphor, too). This is a fantastic summary of your potential.

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